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  • Healthcare

    An impeccable hygiene

    In the health sector, hygiene is essential and requires optimal cleaning. Each area must be taken into account: rooms, washrooms, kitchens, waiting room, operating rooms. Hospitals and clinics are overloaded, looking for efficient cleaning. There are many constraints: stricter hygiene standards, reduced costs. Eurosteam offers products that are perfectly adapted to these needs, meaning efficient and professional cleaning equipment.

  • Automotive

    For clean stores and cars

    Car dealers, service stations, workshops and car cleaning stations need high-performance equipment for the cleaning of store and cars. Eurosteam offers equipment suitable for these different uses, particularly for cleaning the interior of vehicles

  • Aircraft

    Clean and welcoming aircrafts

    Aircraft carry many users from all countries every day, only regular maintenance can keep them in good condition in order to welcome customers. From daily rapid cleaning to deeper cleaning during stopover, Eurosteam offers a wide range of dedicated equipment that connects directly to aircraft.

  • Train and bus

    Clean and welcoming trains

    Public and private transport accommodate many users every day and require daily maintenance of floors and chairs. Train and tramway trains are accessible via the platforms and require very robust multi-function trolleys that can remain on the platforms. Buses need narrow equipment. Eurosteam manufactures this kind of very specific professional equipment

  • Contract cleaner

    An impeccable cleanliness

    Companies and municipalities often outsource cleaning. Cleaners face increased competition, increasing pressure on prices and need to invent new cleaning methods. They therefore need powerful and robust equipment. Thanks to its expertise, Eurosteam offers well-designed machines that work continuously for a long time.

  • Hotel restaurant...

    For welcoming hotels, restaurants and campings

    For hotels, restaurants and campings, cleanliness is part of welcoming the guest and reflects the image of the establishment. Eurosteam offers cleaning solutions with high-performance, easy-to-use and robust equipment.

  • Industry

    A reliable partner

    In industry, safety and processes are essential. The same applies to cleaning : an efficient cleaning is achieved by using the right equipment and the right method. Eurosteam offers safe and performant cleaning solutions in all areas.

  • Public service

    For schools, sports facilities and administration

    The quality of training determines competitiveness. A significant budget is invested in schools. To provide students with good learning conditions, schools must be well maintained. Eurosteam offers cleaning solutions suitable for schools, gyms, swimming pools and town halls: a range of high-performance, economical and robust machines and accessories. Eurosteam also offers services: financing and service solutions.

  • Retail

    A welcoming store

    The success of your store depends on welcoming customers and cleanliness. Customers who feel good will stay longer in your store and spend more. Eurosteam offers suitable, efficient and economical cleaning solutions for all types of stores and floors. Eurosteam also offers services: financing and service solutions, so that your store always respects the rules of cleanliness and hygiene.

  • Construction

    To deliver a clean building

    The construction sector needs to vacuum many types of waste and requires high-performance equipment. Cleaning vehicles, machines, facades or floors: Eurosteam offers a range of high-capacity, easy-to-use, high-performance, robust and long-lasting equipment.

  • Disaster recovery

    Cleaning equipment  for disaster recovery

    After a disaster or flood, buildings require a complete overhaul and require very robust professional equipment able to vacuum all types of dirt. Eurosteam offers dedicated equipment that is vacuuming water and dust, some equipment is even equipped with a special fireman connector.

  • DIsinfection

    Safe and disinfected premises

    After a pandemic, premises and vehicles must be disinfected before the reception of employees or the public for the resumption of a normal activity. This disinfection must be done with professional equipment capable of treating large areas. Eurosteam offers highly efficient and easy-to-use solutions for this treatment to ensure public safety.