Scrubber dryer TooLav 350B



  • Walk behind scrubber dryer designed for hard floors and small areas
  • Reliable: entirely mechanical, with dual driving system and battery charge indicator
  • Performant: Clean 1050 m2 areas per hour with 1h30 autonomy, adjustable water flow on the brush and parabolic squeegee behind the brush
  • Comfortable: adjustable handlebar with ergonomic handles, easy to fit brush and removable tank with handle, quiet
  • Handy: easy to drive in the curves and along the walls, easy to store and transport even in a car, folding handlebar
  • Robust: steel frame, roto moulding tanks, squeegee fitted with a bumper
  • Easy to maintain: quick access to all parts (Tank, filter, brush, squeegee)
  • Numerous accessories in option*

* Available as option

Ce produit convient pour: hotel restaurant catering camping - contract cleaner - healthcare - public service - retail - construction - automotive - disaster recovery

Vaccum power (W)200
Power (W)1350
Vacuum (mm)540
Voltage (V)12
Power systemBattery 65 Ah (AGM) (C5)
Solution/Recovery tank capacity (L)80/80
Rotation speed (Trs/min)170
Brush diameter (mm)1 x 350
Brush pressure (kg/cm²)0 - 41
Brush width (cm)73
Squeegee width (cm)42
Theoretical performance (m2/h)3900/2000
Max. trailer ramps (%)2
Sound level (dbA)-70
ACTV_hotel restaurant catering campingoui
ACTV_contract cleaneroui
ACTV_public serviceoui
ACTV_train and busnon
ACTV_disaster recoveryoui

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Scrubber dryer TooLav 350B

Scrubber dryer TooLav 350B

Walk behind scrubber dryer designed for hard floors and small areas

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