Eurosteam, French manufacturer of professional cleaning and disinfection equipment

For Eurosteam, living well in cleaning means above all understanding the needs and facilitating the experience of everyone. For more than 40 years, Eurosteam has been designing and manufacturing intelligent and tailor-made cleaning and disinfection solutions for professionals.
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  • Steam Extractor (with vacuum)
  • Dry steam: 175°C continious production, adjustable flow
  • Anti scale cartridge
  • Pressure of 8 Bars
  • Graduated pressure switch for better control of steam (Temperature)
  • Vacuum only or combined with steam, water and detergent
  • Stainless steel body for better hygiene
  • Continious water supply
  • Large range of accessories

* High density rotomouled polyethylene

** Depending on the water hardness (PH)


Ce produit convient pour: hotel restaurant catering camping - contract cleaner - healthcare - industry - public service - retail - construction - aircraft - disaster recovery

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This steam machine with a capacity of 7.5 has a stainless steel body for better hygiene. Equipped with a continuous fill boiler.

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