• Capacity 9 L
  • Dry steam: 165°C continious production, adjustable flow
  • Anti scale cartridge
  • Pressure of 8 bars
  • Graduated pressure switch for better control of steam (Temperature)
  • Steam and detergent
  • Stainless steel body for better hygiene
  • 2 large wheels at the back for easy movement
  • Continious water supply
  • Large range of accessories

* High density rotomouled polyethylene

** Depending on the water hardness (PH)

Ce produit convient pour: hotel restaurant catering camping - contract cleaner - healthcare - industry - public service - retail - construction - disaster recovery

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This steam compact machine with a capacity of 9 L, allows the cleaning of textile fabrics, plastics and hard surfaces. This machine is equipped with a boiler producing dry steam at 165 ° continuous with a pressure of 8 bars.

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