Vacuum cleaner 13L


  • Capacity 13 L
  • Handy and light: handle, front rotative wheels
  • Performant: By-pass motor (APR), Double airflow allowing a permanent motor cooling
  • Convenient: easy opening, integrated accessories support,
  • 10 to 15 M electric cable
  • Robust: PE high density tank**, integrated cable protection
  • With paper bag or textile bag (/SP)*
  • Accessories Ø 32 or Ø 38*

* Available as option

** High density rotomouled polyethylene

Ce produit convient pour: hotel restaurant catering camping - contract cleaner - healthcare - industry - public service - retail - construction - automotive - train and bus

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Vacuum cleaner 13L

Vacuum cleaner 13L

This dry vacuum cleaner with a capacity of 13L is recommended for the cleaning of small surfaces

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