Vac. cleaner wet & dry 60L


  • Capacity 60 L
  • Very handy and ergonomic: carrying handle, rotative wheels
  • Performant: By-pass motor (APR), Double airflow allowing a permanent motor cooling
  • Convenient: easy opening, 10 to 15 M electric cable, tip-up tank with drain plug, water level detected by floating system or by electronic sensors
  • Robust: PE high density tank**, cable protection
  • Articulated squeegee and accessories Ø 32 ou Ø 38*

* Available as option

** High density rotomouled polyethylene

Ce produit convient pour: hotel restaurant catering camping - contract cleaner - construction

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Vac. cleaner wet & dry 60L

Vac. cleaner wet & dry 60L

This vacuum water capacity (60L) has been designed for professional use only. Outlet hose Ø 32 and 38

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