3 solutions to disinfect your spaces and vehicules

3 solutions to disinfect your spaces and vehicules

In order to help fighting against coronavirus and to decontaminate your spaces before deconfining, we propose « made in France » equipment :  simples, performant and on stock.

We propose 3 solutions :

Steam cleaner : Steam at 140° desinfects all types of supports : door handles, banisters, walls, furniture, washrooms, floors but also vehicules. No need of disinfectant, steam eliminates bacterias and viruses.

Sprayer : thanks to a powerfuk spray, it diffuses the decontaminant product on all surfaces.

Mist generator : enable to disinfect an area up to 500 m3 in 30 min, the disinfectant is misted and spreads in every corner (example : decontamination of patient rooms, trains, busses, aircrafts).

These equipments are easy to use and a tutorial is even on line. Our equipment is has a 2 years warranty. If needed, we can also propose adapted disinfectant products.

Our team stays at your disposal to assist, you can contact :

Cloé ROLLET : crollet@eurosteam.fr / 06 76 53 22 53