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For Eurosteam, living well in cleaning means above all understanding the needs and facilitating the experience of everyone. For more than 40 years, Eurosteam has been designing and manufacturing intelligent and tailor-made cleaning and disinfection solutions for professionals.
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Terms and conditions

By the mere fact of placing an order, the buyer acknowledges having read and accepted our
terms and conditions of sale without reservation. Our production and deliveries are subject to
the present conditions, which prevail over the conditions appearing on the buyer's
The applicable prices are those of our price list in force on the day of delivery. They are ex-
works, packaging not included. However, this provision is not applicable to special orders to
be manufactured according to particular specifications, which may give rise to a price
revision according to variations in economic conditions.
Any order of less than 100 euros net excluding tax and transport costs will be increased by
25 euros net excluding tax for administrative costs.
All written, verbal or telephone orders will only be definitively concluded when they are
confirmed by an acknowledgement of receipt of order. Changes subsequent to this
acknowledgement of receipt are only valid if they are expressly confirmed by us in writing.
For any first order placed by a new customer, payment must be made by bank transfer or
cheque before dispatch of the goods.
The delivery times indicated in our proposals are only indicative. Delays may not give rise to
damages, penalties or cancellation of the order, unless stipulated on our acknowledgement
of receipt.
Our products travel at the recipient's risk, whatever the method of dispatch. It is up to the
buyer to make any reservations to the carrier in accordance with article 100 of the French
Commercial Code. Deliveries to third parties are made under the responsibility of the buyer.
Any order cancellation by the customer, after our acknowledgement of receipt, cannot be
accepted if the order has given rise to a start of execution both in terms of its supplies and its
manufacture, it will be punished by invoicing in proportion to all costs incurred (tools,
components, raw materials...).
The designations and characteristics indicated in the catalogue are given for information
purposes only. They may be modified without notice and without our being obliged to inform
our customers.
EUROSTEAM brand appliances are guaranteed for 2 years, with the exception of the
ranges: Battery Scrubbers, Cleaning Units, Fan, 1 year guarantee - Except for batteries
which are not guaranteed.
This guarantee covers manufacturing defects or defects in materials and is limited to the
supply of parts recognised as defective by our company.
Our guarantee excludes :
- Parts subject to wear and tear and damage resulting from normal wear and tear of the
- Modified equipment.
- Equipment used in breach of the recommendations given in the manual.
- Equipment used improperly or which has not been subject to regular maintenance.

- Damage resulting from negligent use: shocks, falls, crushing.
- Our guarantee does not cover accidents arising from normal wear and tear, deterioration or
faulty and abnormal use of the equipment.
The use of the guarantee does not, under any circumstances, authorise the suspension of
payment of the equipment to our company or its extension.
All claims for error, missing or apparent defect must be made within 8 days of receipt of the
goods at the customer's premises.
For special orders such as manufacturing to plan or to customer specifications, our
guarantee applies to compliance with instructions and proper execution of the work, to the
exclusion of all other guarantees.
Our guarantee does not extend to models that have been modified or used outside normal
conditions of use.
In accordance with decree N° 2014-1482, EUROSTEAM undertakes to supply spare parts
(value in use) for a period of 4 years from the date of cessation of production of the product.
The return of goods under guarantee shall only be made after acceptance by Eurosteam.
Any other return of new material will only be accepted without our prior agreement and on
the condition that these goods have been received at the customer's premises for less than
three months. The goods must be returned in their original condition and packaging.
A 20% discount will be applied, the return costs will be borne by the sender.
According to the Professional WEEE directive, EUROSTEAM is committed to recycling its
machines at the end of their life. For further information, please contact the company.
The only payment conditions accepted are those stipulated in our offers and confirmed or
modified in our order acknowledgements. In application of the provisions of law N° 2008-776
of 04 August 2008, known as the LME law, all invoices must be paid either at 45 days end of
month or 60 days net from the date of invoice. If payment is made within 14 days of the
invoice date, we grant a 1% discount.
Any sum not paid on the due date will lead to the application of interest on arrears at 3 times
the legal rate per year and the immediate payment of all invoices not yet due as well as
those of other due dates, even if they have given rise to bills of exchange. In accordance with
decree 2012-1115 of 02 October 2012 an additional penalty of 40€ will be applied. In the
event that the collection costs incurred are higher, EUROSTEAM may, upon justification,
claim a higher lump-sum indemnity.
In the absence of payment by a single due date, we reserve the right:
- to demand cash payment for all orders remaining on our account.
- to demand the immediate return of the goods delivered.
- to interrupt deliveries, to cancel orders in progress or still to be delivered and to use the
legal means to collect our debt by the fastest possible means.
The latter shall apply only in the event of bankruptcy or insolvency. In the event of disputed
collection, a 20% indemnity will be calculated on the sums actually due and as a penalty
clause. We reserve the right to modify the terms of payment for current or future orders if the
drafts sent for acceptance are not returned within 15 days of being sent.
After delivery, the goods remain our property until full payment of the invoiced price. During
this period, the customer assumes full responsibility for any damage that may occur to the
goods. In the event of non-compliance with one of the terms of payment by our customer, we
may demand the return of the goods at the customer's expense, either until full payment has

been made, or by rescinding the contract by operation of law. On the other hand, we reserve
the right, prior to each delivery, to have a certificate of retention of title signed which is valid
until full payment has been made.
In the case of sales abroad, the transfer of ownership and risk to the purchaser is governed
by the currently valid Incoterms.
In the event that the goods delivered do not comply with the specifications, the Seller's
liability under this clause is excluded if the Buyer does not notify the Seller of the defects or
faults found within 3 months of delivery of the goods.
In no event shall the Seller be liable to the Buyer for loss of profits, loss of turnover, loss of
customers, or any indirect, financial or consequential loss, whatever the cause.
In the event of a dispute or litigation that cannot be settled amicably, the Commercial Court
of Rouen shall have sole jurisdiction.
In the case of international sales and unless expressly agreed otherwise, the applicable law
is French law.

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