Eurosteam, French manufacturer of professional cleaning and disinfection equipment

For Eurosteam, living well in cleaning means above all understanding the needs and facilitating the experience of everyone. For more than 40 years, Eurosteam has been designing and manufacturing intelligent and tailor-made cleaning and disinfection solutions for professionals.
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About Eurosteam

EUROSTEAM, French manufacturer of floor cleaning machines.




EUROSTEAM is located near Rouen (France), and since 1978 the company specializes in the design and fabrication of cleaning machines for professional.

EUROSTEAM is integrated with its own roto moulding machine. All machines or equipment are manufactured with high density polyethylene which means a high degree of quality and solidity.

Technological innovation, quality, reactivity, diversity, private label fabrication, constitutes the values of the company.

EUROSTEAM offers a large range of machines well adapted to the small surfaces as bigger surfaces.

EUROSTEAM proposes some innovative machines for standard use or specific use.

Available machines:

  • Vacuum cleaners (dry – dry and wet – back pack – battery powered…),
  • Central Vacuum Cleaners
  • Extractors machines for carpets from, 8L to 53L with a large range of floor or hand accessories. These machines are mostly equipped with membrane pumps which allows heavy duty work . Also available with hot water,
  • Power Brushes for carpet and hard floor (fitted with all EUROSTEAM extractors),
  • Multiservices (Restroom Cleaning, Airports, Stadiums, Schools, Exhibition Centers…),
  • Steam & Steam Extractors,
  • Scrubbers (Electric or Battery Powered),
  • Mini Scrubbers (électrique pour petite surface),
  • Rotary Brush for stairs,
  • Sprayers (Electric or Battery Powered),
  • Scrubbers Dryers (Electrical or Battery Powered),
  • Railway Cleaning Machines,
  • Aeronautic Cleaning Machines (115V 400Hz)
EUROSTEAM is able to design and manufacture some machines with private label.

EUROSTEAM sells its production through a network of distributors in many countries in Europe, North and South Africa, USA and Canada, Eastern countries and Russia, Middle East, Australia, India, China...