Serie 150 AERO


  • Easy grip
  • Easy to use
  • Horizontal or vertical cleaning
  • Ergonomics
  • Cable lenght 25M
  • Fixing «Ergots»
  • Second Hand for easier use
  • Specific voltage (115 V / 400 Hertz)
  • Plugged to the electric power system of aircraft
  • PEHD** tank, virtually unbreakable
  • Maximum of effiency and fiability
  • Ideal for cleaning in difficult access places, walls, stairs, carpets, …
  • Wide range of accessories*

* Available as option

** High density rotomouled polyethylene

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Serie 150 AERO

Serie 150 AERO

The mini scrubber is ideally suited for cleaning of small spaces or congested areas such as stairs, bathroom, toilet, kitchen, laboratory etc. 2 versions available with or without handle. The without handle version  can be used for cleaning of horizontally or vertically surfaces. The version with handle and second hand is very easy to use without effort.