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Single-disc machine 175 - 350TRS


  • Dual speed
  • High convenience
  • 2 big rear wheels, that facilitates the transport in particular in stairs
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Adjustable handle
  • 10 M electric cable
  • Cable support
  • Robust: PE high density tank**
  • Recommended for hard floor, terrasse and risk areas (food industry…) cleaning
  • Numerous accessories in option (exemple: réservoir et jupe)*

Ce produit convient pour: hotel restaurant catering camping - contract cleaner - healthcare - public service - retail - construction - disaster recovery

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Power (W)1100
Voltage (V)220-240
Frequency (Hz)50-60
Type of plugEUR
Cable length (M)10
Bag Capacity (L)2
Detergent capacity (L)10
Rotation speed (Trs/min)175-350
Brush diameter (mm)430
Brush pressure (kg/cm²)31.9
Dimensions Lxwxh (cm)145x45x45
Weight (kg)42
ACTV_hotel restaurant catering campingoui
ACTV_contract cleaneroui
ACTV_public serviceoui
ACTV_train and busnon
ACTV_disaster recoveryoui

Accessoires Inclus

Accessoires en option

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Single-disc machine 175 - 350TRS

Single-disc machine 175 - 350TRS

This dual speed scrubber is recommended for any type of works (stripping, scrubbing spray cleaning, crystallization or polishing.

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